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Trojans News · Mangahigh Contest Winners

Front row (left to right): Jacob Savela, Ella Skaro, Reece Petersen. Back row: Mason Jarvi, Rebecca Keddy, Teagen Lee, Jaylin Lillquist

The Sebeka Elementary School is participating in an online math program this year called Mangahigh. Mangahigh is a supplement to the math curriculum and allows students to practice math concepts in question sets and online math games. Sebeka participated in a challenge with many schools in the nation and placed 15th overall. Students were given time in school to complete tasks but also could work at home to earn points. Students in the challenge that completed 150 points were sent medals from Mangahigh. Sebeka had 7 students achieve this honor:

Jaylin Lillquist 276 points, Mason Jarvi 267 points, Reece Petersen 226 points, Rebecca Keddy 213 points, Ella Skaro 205 points, Jacob Savela 199 points, Teagen Lee 157 points.

The students will continue use of this program throughout the year and have other challenges they will be participating in.